Professional Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

At Vancouver’s Best Cleaners we train our staff and employees to specialise in all the different cleaning techniques for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Please look at the list of services we offer so that you can decide what is best for you.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

We at Vancouver’s best cleaners understand that the office space needs to get cleaned for a healthy work environment for your employees and we also understand that it gets tough to put cleaning on the agenda when there are other important deadlines to meet. Our professional team of cleaning technicians will give you the cleaning that you need on the schedule that you need it. We service our residential and business clients all over Vancouver, Richmond, White Rock to Surrey & Delta, British Columbia.


Residential Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

We believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and a healthy body resides in a clean house. Keeping your residential property clean is very important for dwellers of that home to be healthy. At Vancouver’s best cleaners, we use state of the art products and microfiber cloths to get the maximum deep cleaning of your house. The professional team treats your house as ours.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver’s best cleaners offer industry-leading cleaning services for your entire home, including our Wood Floor Cleaning Process that combines cleaning, sanitizing and polishing to provide a deep clean and renew the beautiful look of your wood floors. Wood floors need regular maintenance to maintain their beauty and durability.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

Every reno, be it big or small, needs finishing after the job. With all the construction dust around, being in the property without cleaning can cause some serious health problems. We at Vancouver’s best cleaners understand this problem so our team of highly skilled technicians can clean up all the construction dust and debris without harming the new space. The chemicals and the techniques we employ are friendly to the wood stains and won’t damage your walls and anything else.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

Commercial and residential carpets get dirty very easily when people walk over them, they hence become a breeding ground for many germs and traps a lot of dust. This reduces the quality and the life of the carpet. That is why it is important to keep the carpets and rugs clean. At Vancouver’s best cleaning, we promise to take care of your carpet and clean it like new. We use steam cleaning and water extracting techniques to remove the debris stuck inside the carpet and we also sanitize the floor to get rid of any germs. 

Pressure Washer Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

Pressure washer cleaning is a very famous technique to clean surfaces, to get rid of any stuck dust, debris or even paint. But most people do not know that every surface is pressure washer friendly, if not done properly or on the wrong surface, the cleaning can do more harm than good. We at Vancouver’s best cleaning train our staff in all the different surfaces and the methods to clean them, so that you do not have to worry about it.

Window Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

You love the look of your home, and we know that a big part of that look are the windows. Cleaning dirty windows is a very careful procedure that takes a lot of time and effort. The special chemicals and the squeegees we at Vancouver’s best cleaning uses to clean the windows ensure that the windows are cleaned without and streaks also while protecting the glass.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

In general, people do not really think about the cloth couches and chairs of the house and often these places have a lot of dust stuck in them, which then can cause some real problems if not cleaned properly. Our world class steam cleaning and scrubbing cleaning technique eliminates the dust inside the fabric without harming it. After the cleaning, our water extraction technique helps remove the water so that the upholstery dries quickly. 

Move In/Out Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

Moving into a new house can be exciting, but you never know how the previous owners managed the house. It is very important to get the house professionally deep cleaned before you move in so that you do not get any surprises afterwards. At Vancouver’s best cleaning we make sure that your house is ready and we take pride in telling you that we clean the whole house and make sure that no corner is left, so that you walk in a clean and pristine home.

COVID 19 Sanitation and Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

This pandemic has made us all realize that it is very important to keep our surroundings clean and sanitized. We at Vancouver’s best cleaning are here to help you in that endeavour. Our special cleaning and sanitation surface gets rid of germs from all the surfaces and high touch point locations. The sanitizer is proved to kill 99% of all germs such as bacterias and viruses from any surface.